Cost for the Informant Management Classroom & Field Training Course at Your Department

Hosting the 3-Day Law Enforcement Informant Management Course at your hometown location:


Mandatory payment for 40 attendees at the reduced price of $210 per attendee = $8,400.

Travel cost for course instructor (airfare, hotel, per diem, and rental vehicle) = approximately $1,595 (cost will vary depending on location; however, the host department will be charged according to actual booked travel expenses including the standard GSA food per diem rate for your area).


Approximate Total Cost to Host Department = $9,995

For this fee, the host department can send an additional 10 attendees to the 3-Day Informant Management Course at no additional cost for a total of 50 attendees (this is a 43% discount if you fill the class with 50 attendees). Course notebooks will be provided for up to 50 attendees as well as a Certificate of Completion for up to 50 attendees after successfully passing the 45-question multiple-choice/true-false examination. Please understand, anything more than 50 attendees for this course exceeds the ability to effectively conduct the 15 practical application exercises.

Host Department: Instructor requested accommodations include a classroom at your training venue with seating capacity for the number of attendees your department will provide. Additionally, the classroom will need to be PowerPoint Presentation capable with a slide show remote switch. All attendees will need a vehicle for the Surveillance Detection Route training exercise. The instructor will arrive in your city the day before course commencement to meet the staff at your department responsible for coordinating the training at your facility. Furthermore, the instructor will map a 5-mile Surveillance Detection Route beginning and ending at your training facility the day before course commencement. For approximately 90 minutes, on Day 1 and Day 2 of the course, all attendees and the instructor will need to have access in and out of your facility to participate in the Elicitation Exercise and Surveillance Detection Route exercise segments of the course.