Law Enforcement Informant Management Training Course:

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The Informant Management-Classroom & Field Training Course is traditionally a 3-day platform offered in Houston, Texas.  This modified Online PowerPoint Series excludes the four Potential Confidential Informant (PCI) role-play interviews, three break-out Recruitment Proposition Diagram (RPD) exercises, off-site Surveillance Detection Exercise, on-stie and off-site Elicitation exercises, one of two Report Writing review exercises, and a group CI Evaluation exercise.  If you complete the four-course curriculum and are willing to take the multiple choice/true-false examination, I will provide you with an e-Certificate of Completion listing 16 educational credit hours after you pass the exam with a score of 80% or better.  The instructions on how to obtain the exam and certificate of completion are provided in Course #1 of the PowerPoint Series.


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