Confidential Informant Management Training Courses for Law Enforcement--Teaching Detectives, Analysts, and Officers to Select and Recruit the Best Informants Available, Handle and Develop Informants Safely and Effectively, and Collect Evidence and Intelligence Supporting Investigations!

Informant Management Training for Law Enforcement Officers, Agents and Analysts taught by FBI Special Agent (Retired) Rob Woloszyn in Houston, Texas

  • The Informant Management Course is offered as a 3-Day Classroom & Field Training Course Series, focusing on Confidential Informant (CI) Locating and Selecting, Assessment and Recruitment, Handling and Development, Report Writing, and Evaluation.

  • In summary, attendees will participate in a mock, linked scenario selecting 3 of 9 Potential Confidential Informants (PCI) for further evaluation and assessment, designing a successful recruitment strategy, implementing secure handling and development methods, minimizing risk, directing specific CI evidence and intelligence collection, writing reports as an explicit and detailed recitation of the CI's articulation of events to the investigative file, and evaluating CI performance.

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